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About us

Prime Universal Realty is a licensed Real Estate Brokerage and is committed towards helping investors find the right properties in the Florida Real Estate market.

Whether you are looking for an investment property, second home, or vacation rental, our specialized buyer services will make the process stress-free and rewarding. We provide independent information, expert advice, and comprehensive knowledge to help you make the best decision and secure the ideal property that best suits your expectations and needs.

One of our core services is to assist and guide investor/buyers from Belgium throughout the entire process of buying a property in the Florida real estate market.

Founded by CEO Hilde Struelens and professionally optimized by our Director of Operations Remy Mocquet, we know that our success depends on your happiness. That’s why our mission is to provide our customers with the most professional real estate service, ensuring the establishment of long term business relationships beneficial to all parties.

Additional Services, in order to be able to present potential investment opportunities to our investors from Belgium as optimally as possible, we also provide the opportunity for agents/sellers to add various showcase enhancements to their listings. An overview of those services can be found here.

The core of our business is built around a network of Belgian investors who wish to diversify their portfolio. We will of course, happily assist all neighboring countries as well. With our expertise and partnerships in the Florida real estate market, you can rest assured that your path to the find the right investment will be in good hands.

We use rigorous investment criteria to identify properties with near-term cash flows or strong potential for long-term capital appreciation.  By acquiring properties or notes at discounted values and applying our regional knowledge and partners with property management expertise, we are able to pursue attractive investments with healthy returns.

Whether you wish to invest in a home, office building, or gas station, we have you covered. Real estate is a major investment, and one that should not be taken lightly. That’s why we are here to assist you in every way. Our expertise will ensure you to make the right choices that will match your personal needs.

Whether you are a first time home buyer, relocating from another area or modifying your current lifestyle, the purchase of your Florida home is one of the most important transactions you will ever make.

Our extensive database of properties means we’ll always have many options for you to view and choose from when you begin your search for Central Florida Real Estate – that’s both online and on the ground. The database is just as extensive for those looking to sell, rent or lease.

Our trusted associates will handle your transaction expertly from searching and finding you the right home, to mortgage and home preparation services. We’ll even help you get connected with local utility and maintenance services. All the way to the closing table and beyond, our associates are here for you.

Our real estate specialists evaluate each property we sell and create a customized marketing plan. We provide this multi-tiered marketing strategy in order to select the best way to reach investors or out-of-state buyers.

You’ll also have the opportunity to target your properties to our Belgian Investment Network. Belgium has a substantial network of investors that are always looking into diversifying their investments and expanding their real estate portfolios. Our number one priority is getting you the best price in the most desired period of time.

Due to the fact that 90 % of our investors/buyers will be cash buyers, you can rest assured that you’ll be closing the deal in no time.

We’re always looking to expand the inventory that can be presented to our Belgian investors. If you’re interested to be listed onto our website, just send us an email and we’ll guide you through the application process. We want to make sure each agent complies versus certain standard when listing their property onto our website.

Each Realtor (or agency) that chooses to work with us will have access to their own dashboard via the website to manage their listings and/or agents. Your listings will have their own contact form and prospects will be able to contact you directly.

During first setup, we will create your account and upload all of the listings you desire to be displayed on our website. Afterwards, you will receive your own personal login so you can monitor your dashboard and add/remove listings as you please.

Hilde Struelens


Hilde Struelens is the founder and CEO of Prime Universal Realty (PUR).

She is passionate about the international real estate market and focuses with emphasis on strategic direction as well as the pursuit of interesting and financially rewarding new opportunities across the real estate spectrum.

A native of Belgium, Ms. Struelens was already associated with the real estate industry starting at young age via her family’s successful business in the heart of Europe, Brussels.


After her studies in Economics and PR at various colleges in Brussels, Ms. Struelens immediately showed entrepreneurship by opening her own Beauty Salon in the City of Ghent. During that time, she also operated as a sales advisor with the Century 21 group of Ghent where she extended her overall knowledge on the real estate market.

Over the years to follow, Ms. Struelens plunged into various real estate projects that would only extend her knowledge and personal network. She also actively participated in third-party investment opportunities.

In 2012 Ms. Struelens took her first steps into the US real estate market by buying an investment property in the Orlando area. Being intrigued by the Florida real estate market, she decided to extend her knowledge by learning more about the various foreign investment opportunities that present themselves in this particular market.


Ms. Struelens has an unprecedented expertise to match the firm’s clients with opportunities from her extensive network in Belgium, which provides access to the entire landscape of potential transaction types across all real asset market cycles.

Being associated with sales for almost all of her life, Ms. Struelens knows how to handle an investment portfolio. In her continuing quest for higher yields for clients, as well as new opportunities in the ever changing real estate world, she insures herself never to stop learning about current market trends and developments.

Jeff Glickman



With more then 20 years of experience in the Florida real estate market, Jeff knows every aspect that defines a good property, or not.

He definitely knows his way around investment properties but masters every market in general.

Used to working with an international clientele he’s proven himself to be a great asset for this company all round.

Julian Sanchez

Showcase Member


Julian is a business student from Valencia College Orlando who intelligently plans his free time to perform as much showcases as possible.

As he speaks Spanish fluently, he proves himself as very good asset for the company when there’s negotiating needed with our Spanish customers.

Julian is part of our chauffeur services, where investors can enjoy the opportunity to be chauffeured into viewing a variety of properties.

Mellissa Hinkley

Showcase Member


With her extraordinary organizational skills and thrive for perfection, Mellissa knows how to handle every aspect of a showcase.

She strives to offer only the best customer service when it comes to the follow up of any completed showcases and is available 24/7.

Besides her general services, Mellissa is also always scouting for new interesting properties that could be of interest to our investors.

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